Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to the Start of the 2010-11 Season!

Well the season is getting into full swing. Ice and dry land practices have been going on for a few weeks now, and this weekend the Comets had their first two games. And what a weekend!

Comets 3 - St. Joes 2
Saturday night the Comets faced St. Joes. This was the first regular season game for the upper classmen additions of Suzanne(Sn), Phillipe (Sn), and Austin Yu (Jr). The three of them made quite an impact on the team. It was a well played game for both sides, and a real nail biter at the end, as the Comets managed to hold on for a 3-2 win!Nice way to start the season.

Comets 3 - West Milford 0
Sunday Night had them playing against West Milford at the Ice Vault. Even though the Comets had the lead at the end of the first, it looked like it was going to be a pretty tight game. Then as they got into the second period, the Comets had complete control of the game and never looked back! It even gave Coach Church the opportunity to rotate in all his skaters, giving them all a chance to contribute. In the end they skated away with a 3-0 shutout! Nicely done!

This weekend the Comets will face face Wayne Valley at the Ice Vault at 6:00pm, and Nothern Highlands at Sport-o-rama on Sunday at 9:00. See you there! a side note I will be posting a link for more photos from the games. I am trying to pick up where Ron Gildea left off, with taking pictures of the team. I will try to get shots of all the players, so please be patient if shots of some of the players are missing. I will do my best to get everyone.

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