Sunday, October 18, 2009

Official Comet Hockey Bags

OK, I know this is sort of last minute, but last week everyone should have received an email regarding Hockey Bags. In case you didn't, I thought I would post the info here on the site.
The bags will be $85 for both player bags, and goalie bags. That also includes the embroidery of the Hackensack logo and the players last name.

Hockey Bag Orders - Deadline: Oc. 21, 2009
Send information and checks to:
Linda Ottstadt
221 Ross Avenue
Hackensack, NJ, 07601
If you have questions please email us.

The information that you'll need to include is:
Player's Last Name
Phone Number

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dry Land Practices added to Calendar

So not only is the calendar starting to fill up with Ice practices, but we now have added the Dry Land practices up to November 15th. There are a lot of practices, but the more of them the team makes, the better condition they will be in for the start of the season. Conditioning will be very important with the new alignment of the divisions this year!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Calendar has been updated ... and filling up!

Well we are starting to get all the dates for this upcoming season. The calendar has been updated with all the "Captain's Practices", the "Dry Land" practices, and "Regular Season Practices". The only thing I ask is that you double check the times for me. If anyone sees a mistake, please let Dave or myself know. Thanks.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The new "Tri-County Hudson/Bergen" league!

I'm sure by now most if not all of you have heard about the new aligning of the leagues. Well there are no more Red, White, and Blue divisions. We are now in the new "Tri-County - Hudson/Bergen Ice Hockey League". We have created a link to a website for standings and leagues. The only problem is the link always defaults to the first league, which is the "Gordon - American" league.

If you go to the bottom of that web page, you will see other tabs. If you click on the "Tri-HB" tab, that will bring you to the page of our league.

Captain's Practices to begin!

Well, the season is ready to get underway, and Captain's practice start tonight! Here is the schedule for on-ice practices for the next month. They will all take place at the ice House.

There is also a "Calendar" link to the right side of this blog that we will try to keep current.