Sunday, December 12, 2010

That Was a Little Better!

Comets 5 - Northern Valley 3

Well, it was a much better game, that's for sure. There was passing, there was checking, there was pressure and digging in the corners, there was even effort in fighting for rebounds. It as if the Comets really tried to correct a lot of the issues from the night before! In addition, there was the first two goals from freshman Robbie Marut, and the first goal for Senior Suzanne Meeks. A lot of good was happening.

However, after taking the a 5-2 at the end of the first period, the Comets seem to lose a little focus. In addition to taking some bad penalties, and letting up one more goal, the scoring also came to an end. They played well enough to hold on to their 5-3 lead, however, they will need to play 3 strong periods, like their first period, if the want to beat the stronger teams in this division.

The will have the opportunity to show they can play 3 full periods next weekend when they play their home opener against West Milford. West Milford will, for sure, be looking to even up the score after the Comets beat them 3-0 last week. See you then!

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