Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the Right Track ...

Comets 3 - Ridgewood 2
Playing their 3rd game in 4 days, once again, against the tough Ridgewood team was going to be a challenging game. The Comets were all going to have to be on top of their game. This time they were. The game was a very tightly played game, and all the players were working hard. Mistakes were kept to a minimum. Very few penalties were called. After two hard periods of play, the Comets once again found themselves going into the third period with a 2-2 tie. They were going to have to play hard the entire period to come away with a win. And they did. They scored the go ahead goal with just over 11 minutes left. Great hustle and back check by the forward, and strong, controlled play by the defense and goalie keep Ridgewood at bay giving the Comets a much needed win.

Youth Hockey Side Note:
An interesting side note about the Comets / Ridgewood games. 10 players (6 Comets, 4 Ridgewood) have played together at different times, for an organization called the Ice Dogs out of the ice House. It was great to see that these former & current Ice Dog players, even though playing for two different high schools, could battle so fiercely, yet give each other a "good job" tap during the whistles. That showed great sportsmanship, which is always nice to see.

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