Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Weekend to Forget ... or at Least Learn From

Comets 3 - West Milford 4

Well by now I'm sure most of you have read the articles, and or the blogs. It was not a great weekend. The home opener was set for Friday night. There was a good size crowd and a lot of positive energy. The Comets were ready for a good game.

As the game opened, the Comets had a ton a pressure in the offensive zone, with lots of shots. Only problem was they just could not capitalize. Then when they did find the net, they would go through a few breakdowns, which would lead to a few goals. Next thing you know, the Comets found themselves losing to a team they had previously beaten, in a game they really should have won. But instead of just putting the game behind them and forgetting about it, there was a lot they could learn from a game like that.

Comets 1 - Northern Valley Old Tappan 2

Well what can you say about this one. Another close one goal game. Another game where the Comets had a lot of pressure down in the offensive zone, but could not capitalize on opportunities. Another game where a few breakdowns, lead up to another loss. It seemed as if the Comets were in it, the whole game, and at any point things would start clinking for them, but it just did not happen. It was their second loss in 2 games and third loss in the last four.

Looking ahead, the Comets have a week of practices, a Christmas break, and then it's on to the Housley Cup tournament, where they will play Pascack Valley. Let's hope they can shake this state they are in, and play the kind of hockey we saw them play the first weekend!

Have a great holiday, and we'll see you Sunday the 26th at the Ice House at 7:00pm!

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