Friday, December 27, 2013

Ridgewood Would Not Be Any Easier!

12.22.13 Comets 3 - Ridgewood 7

Two tough teams two weeks in a row!  Not a perfect schedule, but one the Comets would have to face. And they would have to face Ridgewood with Thomas. As with Paramus Catholic, there was plenty of preparation, knowing that Ridgewood would also be a very tough opponent! However the Comets surprised RW by giving them a bit of a battle.

The Comets managed to keep the game very close, even only behind by one goal, as the Comets were behind 2-3, then 3-4. But again, with opponent having a deeper bench, Ridgewood was able to slowly pull away to a strong 3-7 win over the Comets. But as with Paramus Catholic, the Comets had a lot to be proud of, by giving Ridgewood a bit of trouble, while missing one of their better players! We'll just have to see how the next meeting goes!

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