Friday, December 27, 2013

And The Tournament Begins!

12.26.13 Comets 7 - Edison Township 10

This was going be one of those "one-and-done" tournaments. In order to make it to the Championship game, you have to win your first, and only game leading up to the championship game! That's a lot of pressure, with pretty much no room for error. Well, the Comets started off strong, and it looked as if things may go their way. The Comets managed a 4-1 lead by the end of the 1st period.

The Comets lead would continue through the second but that's when things would go south. Robbie first got a questionable Interference penalty which grew into a 10 minute misconduct, and then a game misconduct. We're still not sure why this happened and it was extremely unfortunate! This out the Comets at a real disadvantage. One Edison would capitalize on.

The 3rd period, the Comets were outshot 7-27, and more importantly, outscored 1-6, leading them to a 7-10 loss, and knocking them out of the championship round of the tournament! It was a real shame, because it really looked as if the Comets really had a shot at winning a tournament with such a small staffed team. Oh well, on tot he consolation game!

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