Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting Caught Up ...

OK, so the blog hasn't been updated in a while. I guess with Christmas, New Years, and just being busy, there hasn't been much time. Plus Jacquie has been doing a nice recap on the Facebook page. But here is where we left off ...

The Comest had just come off a solid win over East Side in Newark. Next up was the tournament at the Codey Arena (South Mountain Arena).

12.27.12 Comets 2 - Millburn 9
Well, this game didn't turn out to well. I cannot comment to much about this game because I was not there. Also not pictures, sorry. But from what I heard, the Comets did play with the Energy we are used to seeing, even with the small roster. On to the next game ...

12.28.12 Comets 8 - Morris Catholic 2
Well, this game I did get to see, and it looked like the short bench of the Comets was back firing on all cylinders! This was a very solid win for the Comets.

12.30.12 Comets 5 - Old Tappan 5

Right from the start we knew this game was going to be tough. Even though the 2 teams were pretty even skill wise, our short staffed team was going to be short 2 more players. This was a great game to watch!Exciting right to the end with some great back and forth action. The Comets worked so hard, with some players almost never leaving the ice. This was a well earned tie!

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