Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hockey Is Back At The Rock (practice rink)...

Well the greedy owners and players may not be playing at the Prudential Center, but the Comets sure were. Everyone anticipated this to be a pretty one sided game, as East Side has been struggling. However that did not diminish the enthusiasm of the Comets players or their fans. It was obvious from the start that the plan was for the new players to get regular shifts, lots of ice ice time, and for the veteran players to keep feeding them the puck. And it paid off!

I don't have the official scoring but I believe in this victory, Roby had a goal in honor of his mom's birthday, and rumor has it that Alex had three! Not bad, a hat trick in his first game of regular shifts! A lot of credit goes to Coach Colin and his core group of veteran players, for playing with class. They didn't run up the score to a mercy situation, they didn't set out to hurt or embarrass the East Side team. The plan was to play 3 complete periods and give the new players lots of touches to the puck. And it paid off ... lot's of smiles throughout the game!

I also want to give credit to the East Side coaches, players and school. No matter what the final score was of the game, the players played hard and pushed their abilities as far as they could.This team may struggle, but yet, the school keeps this program going. They give the opportunity to the students to participate in what I feel, is one of the best team sports around. In an economic climate where many schools are faced with cutting programs left and right, especially expensive ones like ice hockey, East Side has managed to keep this program alive and fueled with the passion for the game. I give them tremendous credit! I think the "professional" players from that other team, that play in that big rink next door, could learn a lot from the East Side school, their coaches, their fans, and most of all, their players! Nicely done!

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