Monday, January 6, 2014

JV Getting Into The Act!

01.04.14 Comets JV 0 - Xavier JV 6(?)

There was a lot of excitement on the Comets JV bench at the start of the very first Comets JV game, in over a year! This was an opportunity for all of the players to get a chance at some serious ice time. In addition this game would give a glimpse of a new goalie (even if it was just for one game) for the Comets in over a year as well! Alex decided to give it a shot., borrowing a full set of pads for Allison's brother Daniel (Comet Alum goalie, 2011). Alex learned first hand how "easy" that position is. It's not!

However, Alex, and the entire team, continued to improved as the game went on. Each player getting a bit more comfortable with their position and roll on the ice. Dylan did a nice job taking on a more leadership type of roll, being one of the more experience players on this JV squad.

At this writing the final score was a little unclear, though it was up there. Regardless of the whatever the final score was, you wouldn't know it by looking at the smiles on the players faces as they left the ice and left the rink. Reinforcing that these kids truly enjoy playing this great game, and are driven to keep improving! Great effort and great job Comets JV!

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