Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Solid Win ... And Clinching A Spot in the State Playoffs

02.02.13   Comets 6 - Passaic Valley 2

The Comets seemed to be back on track. Passaic Valley surely has struggled this season, but if the Comets took them lightly, this game could have turned out like last night's game against Bayonne. But the Comets did not let that happened. They played 3 solid periods, even without Thomas on the ice (though let's hope he is back soon!) 

The Comets scored the first goal quickly in the first period, and quickly added two more to finish the first period with a 3-0 lead. The second period, PV started playing a lot more physical, and managed to close the lead to 4-2. However the third period would be all Comets.

The game in the third continued to get more physical, with both teams trading penalties, and a few swings. But it would be the Comets to add one more goal to increase the lead to 5-2. Eventually an open net goal would finish the game with a 6-2 lead. This win will guarantee the Comets an appearance in the State Playoffs! Nice work boys! ... now Thomas just needs to rest and get back on the ice!

Oh and thanks Mrs. Wickersheim for contributing to these photos!

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